It all started with a dog and his nose

Natallia and Shadow were always inseparable. Shadow, named after his desire to follow her everywhere, was a curious, energetic puppy, who never slowed down.

Natallia tried dozens of toys, but nothing kept Shadow's attention for long. She pored over mountains of research — and it finally hit her. Dogs love sniffing, yet their toys aren’t made to be sniffed.

That is, until Longsock.

We founded this company to give dogs what they've been missing.

Our scented toys are the first to cater to your dog's sense of smell.

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  • Natural and organic fabrics reduce reliance on plastic

  • US-based sourcing reduces emissions from freight

  • Organic herbs and spices support local ecosystems

  • Recycled and recycable packaging saves trees

  • Local manufacturing supports American jobs

  • Durable construction extends our toys' lives

  • 100% wool filling prevents allergies and blockages

  • No small parts minimizes the choking hazard