Designed to work with canine biology.

Most dog toys are made to appeal to humans. We worked with dog trainers and canine experts to get your dog what they actually need.

Our scented toy kits and easy scent games reduce anxiety and boredom, and will make your dog happier and calmer, guaranteed.

Benefits of Longsock
  • Pick your favorite scent

    100% natural, no nasties, ever.

  • Play an easy scent game

    Don't worry, we'll walk you through it.

  • Swap with a fresh scent

    Ta-da, a brand new toy!

  • Burn off excess mental energy

  • Ease anxiety and reactivity

  • Provide food-free enrichment

  • “My dog is seriously OBSESSED with this toy - she loves the scents and it's easy for her to carry around.”

    — Christina & Minnie

  • “I haven’t had a toy that my puppy was instantly drawn to until this one. The scents are great and really get your dog's attention from the start!”

    — Robyn & Biggie

  • “Fuji loved our game of find-it! I could tell that he was mentally stimulated looking for the toy and enjoyed the thrill of it.”

    — Marta & Fuji

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