Dogs see the world through their noses

Did you know dogs’ noses aren’t just for booping? Dogs are really good at smelling. Like, really good.

Your dog's sense of smell is between 1,000 and 10,000 times better than yours. You and I focus on what we see, but our dogs? They focus on the scents flowing through the air.

No more Mr. Anxious Pup!

Playing scent games strengthens your dog's smelling skills and builds their confidence. Sniffing is how dogs process their environment — so getting better at it helps with anxiety and reactivity. It’s kind of like a kid with poor vision getting glasses.

Wagging tails all around

When dogs sniff, they use the biggest part of their brain — burning their mental energy faster. Their heart rate slows and they release dopamine (the “feel good” hormone). This means scent games make your dog more content and happy. It’s science, baby!

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